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My name is Cherelle, im a mom, medical assistant, intake coordinator and new blogger, this blog site is dedicated towards helping others deal with mental illness and everyday life topics such as relationships, parenting and women empowerment and finding ways to cope when dealing with crisis situations, I will also be touching on topics about weight loss as well. My goal is to help others and promote positivity.

In my spare time, I love to cook, shop, go to the movie theater, hang with friends & family and write poems and stories When I’m not rooting for the Dallas cowboys to win a football game, I’m busy being a mom to my beautiful four year old daughter and recording my podcast on anchor, geared towards mental health and life topics.

I graduated in 2016 from fortis college for Medical assisting it was then that, I got hired in my previous  position, working at a pain management clinic for three years. In 2020, I went on to persue my current position in mental health at lifestance health as an intake coordinator, my goal is to continue in the medical field and go back to school to get another deegree so i’m able to continue to help others and gain more knowlege in the field.

I love to bake and cook for family and friends, while spending time with my dog bean outdoors or going to barnes and noble with my daughter to pick our favorite books. I enjoy watching netflix and lifetime to see the latest movies or catching up on my favorite tv shows. 

I currently reside in Virginia with my family and friends and look forward to writing more blog post to help others.

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1. Podcast (Anchor)- CherelleH

2. Twitter- xXAngelicLoveXx

3. Instagram- xxangeliclovexx

4. YouTube- CherelleH

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