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My name is Cherelle, im a mom, medical assistant and blogger, this blog site is dedicated towards helping others deal with mental illness and finding ways to cope, I will also be blogging about weight loss and relationships. My goal is to help others and promote positivity.

in my spare time, I love to cook, shop, Bowl, watch movies on Netflix, and write novels. When I’m not rooting for the Dallas cowboys to win a football game, I’m busy being a mom to my beautiful one year old daughter. I love making YouTube videos and running my podcast on anchor as well.

I graduated in 2016 from fortis college for Medical assisting it was then that, I got hired in my current position, working in a pain management clinic. I also attended J Sargent Reynolds community college for nursing and intend on going back to school soon to get another degree in the medical field.

I love to bake and cook for family and friends, Barnes and nobles is my favorite spot to be when Buying a book or reading while drinking coffee at the cafe. I’m also a pretty avid gamer on the PS4 and Xbox, not to mention family feud is my all time favorite show and game to play on my phone.

I currently reside in Virginia with my family and friends and look forward to writing more blog post and continuing to run my page in the future.

Keep in touch:

1. Podcast (Anchor)- CherelleH

2. Twitter- xXAngelicLoveXx

3. Instagram- xxangeliclovexx

4. YouTube- CherelleH

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