Stop promoting negativity/be positive.


So I’m at work minding my business and had some down time today In between patients so I’m scrolling through Twitter and Instagram like I do everyday and I see a post by a women saying “why are men so stupid?” My first though was wait a minute did she really write that then I decided to scroll through some comments of course most men were not happy about this post one man even proceeds to say ” why don’t women shut the F*** up when you ask them too” (he also threatens a women who leaves a comment under what he said) I really was appalled at this for one I don’t feel she should have made the comment because it goes back to the old saying every parent teaches their child “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all” Maybe she was having a bad day either way things could have been said differently and I get it’s that persons page and they can post whatever they like but at the same time be prepared for the repercussions of your actions.

I don’t agree with a man disrespecting a women at all period, it says a lot about how you were raised and how you will treat any women you date. Their are so many domestic violence situations out there so for anyone to take a comment that far it’s ridiculous also we need to learn we may not always agree with what someone says but we don’t always have to react either,learn to walk away. I read through so many comments and most of them were negative, women going back in fourth men trashing women it was crazy. It’s so disappointing to see people act crazy online it’s like don’t fall for the bait don’t do it and conduct yourselves a little better some things don’t need a reaction as I’ve said already.

Another story..

Something also really triggered me this morning as well when I’m on Twitter and I see a girl post a picture of herself she’s clearly been beaten by her boyfriend her face has cuts and bruises and theirs blood so she goes on to say “my man may beat me sometimes but at least I have a man” I’m at a loss for words at this point because it’s sad and she’s making a joke about this when so many women are being abused daily and can’t even get help or have no way out, it’s like how dare she make a mockery out of something so serious, the sad part is this young girl really needs help to even think that being abused is ok ever theirs a Hugh problem there. Being abused is nothing to play with at all people have lost their lives to these not only that but it tells me she doesn’t love herself at all to even think this way, I really hope this girl gets help and I hope she realizes what she deserves and I pray she’s being watched over as we speak.

If you or someone you know is being abused please seek help check out my previous post about my abusive relationship and please click on the website I left it may save your life today…

Always remember do not ever allow someone to bait you to the point where your doing something or saying something you shouldn’t be doing. Spend time around people who bring positivity in your life and stay away from any negativity, try to be careful with your words and don’t allow one bad moment to break you. If you see anything negative online please ignore it you don’t have to give the other person any satisfaction and you don’t have to let them win.

I challenge you to spend some time away from social media and enjoy your day don’t allow someone to take you out of your character because you know who you are and the next time you get ready to post something negative think to yourself “do I really need to post this, is this really that important” post something positive.

I’m sorry for the rant guys all this really caught me off guard and I wanted to speak my peace. I hope you all enjoy your Thursday I’m going to enjoy my mini break before going back in to work. Remember love somebody today and give them lots of hugs 🤗

My story: Abusive relationships/domestic violence (speaking my truth)


This is probably one of the hardest post for me to write, I’ve been debating for days on posting this or not, I’ve never really told my story out loud before where people actually knew about it I’ve told a few friends or family members but not a lot of people know the truth.

It started in 2014 when I met a guy he seemed sweet and nice in the beginning, he never gave me any warnings or made me feel like something wasn’t right. we would hang out all the time, he made me laugh and he even treated me like a queen and made sure that as always I was ok and taken care of.

The weird part is I remember my therapist asking me ” when was the first time it happened?” I paused before answering thinking back to the first time he laid hands on me we had gotten in to an argument it seemed meaningless at the time but it was obviously bad enough for him to grab me up and shove me in to the wall, I remember telling him to get off me, I remember being scared but that still wasn’t enough for me to leave him.

We moved along as If everything was normal but it wasn’t he was always trying to change me from how I acted, what I wore, who I could and couldn’t talk too. He became extremely controlling and I felt trapped but I still couldn’t leave him after all he was sorry, i recalled another night where he had gotten so angry with me because I said something he didn’t like so he grabbed me up slammed me to the ground and proceed to put his hands on me.I tried fighting him off, even told him I was calling the police eventually he got scared took my phone and his so I had no one to call, he pleaded with me not to call anyone because he didn’t wanna lose everything and I felt bad because his mother was sick, I gave in like I always did because after all he claimed to love me.

So Many nights were spent in fear because in my mind, I never really knew when he would have a moment when he would lose control. I never told anyone what was going on, I was secluded from family and friends and I felt alone. The final straw was when we were in the bathroom, I was getting ready so we could go out and I remember he had a group of friends over they were downstairs he proceeded to start an argument, I wasn’t trying to argue all I wanted in that moment was for him to leave me alone but he wouldn’t go away he was angry and continued to yell and scream at me he raised his hand but instead of hitting me he grabbed me up and threw me towards the tub, I cried out in fear told him to let me go at this moment he was panicking, I remember his friends yelling asking what was going on he lied telling them everything was ok, I continued to try to reach for my phone but he had taken it and tried to keep me in the bathroom so I couldn’t leave.

I remember finally getting the courage to leave him and getting away, yes it took me two years but I finally had enough one day and I was tired of the physical/verbal abuse, I remember my dad telling me he wasn’t the one to be with, I remember my mom telling me she missed the old me. I couldn’t handle it all so I sough therapy, my therapist has gotten me through a lot she talked with me for hours, told me all the reasons I deserved better and helped me get myself together and I never looked back, so to anyone out there in a abusive relationship you deserved better and it’s never too late to get out I stayed longer then I should have in my mind I know I should of left way earlier no abuse is ever ok. This is my story and the whole time I type this I’m scared, scared because the world will finally know my truth. I hope this helps someone out there.

if you or anyone out there is being abused or hurt please seek help for it, I promise you it can get better (yes I know some stories are worse then mine) however I still wanted to share my story. It’s so much more that happened in those two years but of course I can’t type/put everything in this one blog so If anyone has questions they want to ask or want to know anything more I’m here to answer with open arms.

Thank you 🙏

(Reach out to them for help)