Motivation Monday.

I’m so proud of myself because I been avoiding the gym for a while but this morning, I got up and went bright and early at 5am, it was cold but I made myself get up and I went out the door. I go to the ymca and I love it because it’s small also I live in a small town so you pretty much see everybody who lives in town there, it’s great to go do something you love and relax and it helps me relieve some stress as well.

I been trying to eat healthier lately and I’ve gotten back on the plan my nutritionist picked for me so that’s been going very well so far. I make sure to eat three meals a day and to snack in between usually something healthy like fruit,yogurt or almonds. (Whatever else my body craves) I don’t really have a particular snack or a favorite one, it really all depends on what I’m in the mood for. I’m not going to lie, I have cheat days sometimes too it’s normal were human it happens.

Sometimes it gets hard and I wanna give up and I look around me and I see my friends or people around me losing weight and sticking to it and then theirs me who gets frustrated and says “the hell with this” but as always I end up right back on track because not everyday is going to be easy but you have to keep pushing and stay motivated even getting a trainer or having a life coach may help, whatever works for you go for it.

I love the fact that my mom is my gym partner and we belong to the same gym so when i need a push she’s right there to motivate me and we’re on the same diet plan so it works out for me. Whenever you have a good person in your corner to motivate you take that and always be grateful because when we allow negativity to take over we tend to not accomplish the things that we know can be accomplished with positivity and the right people around us. So always try to remain positive even when it seems hopeless.

Today is motivation Monday and I’m committing myself to doing better and leaving all the negativity behind me, I’m going to start going to the gym 3x a week and continue on eating healthy and it’s not all for weight it’s also to lead a healthy lifestyle not only for me but for my daughter so remember to stay motivated and that you can achieve anything you want to with hard work and lots of dedication and never let anyone tell you it’s not possible because it is always.

What motivates you? What keeps you going daily? Let me know and let’s keep this motivation Monday going strong 💪


Body shaming

img_1536I’ve always struggled with my weight,when I was younger I was smaller but as I got older my weight increased, my family/friends always commented on my weight and it didn’t help that at school I was being bullied because of it too. I started to hate myself in high school I found myself barley eating or only eating one meal a day I would excercise constantly and I remember dis liking who I was. I remember going in to Walmart one day and buying diet pills and the guy I was dating at the time thought I was crazy he told me I needed to stop. I wasn’t satisfied until I dropped Four jean sizes, at least I thought that would make me happy but it didn’t the reason I wrote this is to say we as a society should stop making others feel bad for the way they look weather big or small let that person be happy in their skin. I see so much body shaming online it’s sad to think that some people actually find it fun to pick at someone else’s insecuries, I say all this to say sometimes I still struggle with my weight sometimes I wish I was smaller but I’m also trying to learn to love the skin I’m in. Self love is the best love always remember that!